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Vacation Rental World Summit 2014

It’s official. The most important event in the Vacation Rental Industry this year is ready to be announced. In a previous article we published in January we ran a survey asking what you’d like to learn to get more bookings, streamline your workflow and maximize your rental income. We’ve also conducted separate researches on other […]

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Signals – How To Know If Your Prospect Opened Your Mail

On a previous article we mentioned the existence of a pretty cool new tool released by Hubspot called ‘Signals‘: a free script you install in one click, which allows you to track all your email messages and find out when they reach your targets and what they do with your content. We introduced this tool since one of our core strategies for success, which is responsible for such a high conversion rate is that of building up a communication technique that ‘wows’ each enquiring guest from the very first moment they send us a request and sets us miles ahead of all our competition.