Vacation Rental World Summit

Vacation Rental World Summit

It’s official. The most important event in the Vacation Rental Industry this year is ready to be announced.

In a previous article we published in January we ran a survey asking what you’d like to learn to get more bookings, streamline your workflow and maximize your rental income.

We’ve also conducted separate researches on other platforms to put together all the data that we collected. The results were very interesting. We decided that the time has come for a groundbraking event that will truly revolutionize the way Owners and Managers find the best sources to learn how to get more bookings, streamline their workflow and maximize their rental income. And for a number of reasons…

The Vacation Rental World (Tele) Summit

That’s right. The first unfair advantage of this event is that it will be broadcasted online. Everyone from around the world will be able to attend the conference and listen to the 12 great speakers who’ll take their turn and train on a specific topic of choice related to successful VR management.


What Is The Vacation Rental World Summit About?

how to know if email reached recipient The Vacation Rental World Summit is a 3-day online conference gathering together 12 of the top industry experts, property owners and successful professionals who will be sharing some of their best practices with the entire community of fellow vacation rental owners and managers worldwide.

The aim is to provide fellow vacation rental owners and managers with bright ideas, great strategies and actionable tools to allow them to get more bookings, streamline their workflow and maximize their rental income.

We realized from feedback collected over the years that the very few major conferences organized by some of the industry leading players on a yearly basis are able to provide attendees with truly invaluable training and information that will really help owners take their VR business to the next level.  Such a lack pushed us – as successful owners and entrepreneurs ourselves – to meet the need for learning what really works and makes a Vacation Rental Business truly successful. So we decided to put together an ‘ad hoc‘ event.

We also thought that the only way we could give real value to a vast community of likeminded ‘rentalpreneurs‘ was to make the event available to the widest audience possible, therefore the natural content delivery was via the World Wide Web! So it allows everyone to save on travel expenses, while comfortably learning from home and interact with their fellow community online. How does that sound?

What Are The Benefits Of The Vacation Rental World Summit?

Here are just a few of the unparalleled benefits you gain from registering for the most important event of the year:

  1. Registration and Attendance are FREE!
  2. You can watch each session from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you want.
  3. You’ll be exposed to some of the best minds in the industry and learn directly from them in a very compelling and engaging way.
  4. You can interact with each speaker during AND after their training session.
  5. You can ask your #1 question and join likeminded ‘rentalpreneurs‘ to grow even more.
  6. You can engage with the community on a specifically dedicated forum and share our combined knowledge.
  7. You can decide to extend your membership well after the Summit for a nominal fee.

What’s In It For Me?

Imagine what it would be like to have not 1 but 12 Masters willing to help you solve your #1 problem!

Imagine you find new ways to get more enquiries than you normally do and have them coming from all streams possible, including your own website, if you have it (it’s a bit about inspiration).

Imagine you discover the #1 secret to increase your enquiry to conversion rate significantly and turn prospects into paying guests way better than you normally do (so as an extra benefit you do not necessarily need to get more and more enquiries to maintain the same occupancy level you normally have or even increase them overall).

Maybe you don’t have a website of your own property, and you understand how you are missing out on a lot of bookings because of that but you don’t know where to start or what to do, you don’t want to spend a fortune on hiring whatever developer your are referred to and you do not have the time or the skills to develop this fundamental aspect of your business by yourself.

Or you do have a website but don’t monetize on it as you wish, do not receive the enquiries you would expect, and you would like your site to look way better than it currently does and grant you a growing level of independency from all major listing sites.

If you understand that you cannot rely solely on receiving enquiries from listing sites which squeeze your wallet more and more year after year while not granting you’ll get even the same amount of business you used to get a few years ago.

If you want to know how to extend your booking season, to include mid and even off season weeks and find ways to cash in on those weeks you would not sell otherwise.

If you want to know how to turn your prospects into paying guests and your happy guests into raving fans and ambassadors of your property back home.

If you want to find out how the heck some properties are able to get featured in the press and you can claim your spot out there too, since you understand how getting media coverage is an incredible source of enquiries, long tail business and massive exposure building authority, reputation and credibility (something you should definitely develop in your business).

You may think:”What if my property isn’t that stunning and I don’t know how to revamp it, nor do I have the budget and the time and the right connections to do all that?” Well, we’ve got you covered there too, with two phenomenal speakers who’ll show you just that.

If you want to present your property online in such a way that viewers click on your listing rather than that of your competitors.

If you want to learn or refine the art of collecting lots of 5 star genuine reviews that will make your listing shine through all your competitors, while increasing its ranking in the search results and convince more prospects to book your home rather than that of your competitors.

If you want to know how to automate processes, manage multiple calendars on several sites with just one click, update your listings using just one platform and have a one stop place where all your information are nicely organized and immediately at hand.

If you have always looked at Social Media with suspicion, heard everywhere how Social Media is ‘the way to go’ yet you never really got to have it work for you! Or you spent lots of time trying to put up your FB business page or Twitter account, only to feel extremely frustrated while never getting a single enquiry in return. We’ll show you why and what is the right approach you need to have with Social Media!

If you want to know which areas or promotional channels should you invest your time and money in.

If you never fully understood what Email marketing is, how it can be successfully applied to running a VR business nearly on autopilot or with very little time and effort and why you should use it to get more enquiries for your property

And you want to do some or all of this without having to take a loan from the bank!

Then you’d better register for the Vacation Rental World Summit right now!

What Is The Price To Attend Online?

The event is free to register and free to attend during the 3 days it’s broadcasted online. If you decide it’s worth your time and effort and you would like to watch it at your own convenience in the following days and weeks, you’ll be offered the opportunity to keep interacting with all 12 speakers under one roof, ask them all your questions and join the community of fellow property owners and managers for a one time nominal fee. And it will be totally risk free!

How Do I Register For The Event?

You can click here or if you like visuals you can click the button below:


We truly look forward to connecting with you at the Vacation Rental World Summit.

To Your Success!

extend booking season

How To Extend Your Booking Season

One of the questions we get asked more often at the events we speak to is the following:

“How Can I Extend My Booking Season”?

We realized it is a pressing need of the majority of property owners and the good news is that we found a pretty darned solution!

It may not work for everyone, but it did work great for us, when we tested it and you can see the results on our previous blogpost entitled “How To Make $30,000 Worth Of Bookings With Your Property In Just 7 Days”.

Now, since this single strategy makes part of our more comprehensive “Fully Booked Formula” online video tutorials series, it is not open to everyone.

But here is the catch of the day: today only (Black Friday), we are opening the doors to just 50 owners worldwide to one of our really awesome secret strategies.

Go check it out, before we close the doors:


How To Extend Your Booking Season<—- Click To View


Enjoy our same success!


Are You Ready For 2014 Booking Season?

As you well know, next year’s booking season is quickly approaching and there is no better time than now to grab a one time only exclusive deal we are willing to share with you to allow you to maximize your rental income even more in 2014!

We’ve been crazy busy researching the latest industry trends, implementing new secrets strategies to address more and more vacationers online and increasing enquiry to booking conversion rate like never before. And we came up with substantial results after lots of testing (currently, our ‘enquiry to booking’ conversion rate stands at 60-70% as a result of all this work, when the industry average is roughly 10-15%). How about yours?

We have “A Black Friday No Brainer” waiting for you and you won’t stand a second chance to miss out on that, once it’s gone! For it will only last 1 day, as we can’t keep the doors to some of our best kept secrets opened too long. There is a strategy we are sharing on Friday that is responsible for a six figure income every year and although we didn’t really want to reveal our best practices before, we keep getting so many requests for help from fellow property owners every day, that we can’t keep up with demand.

So we decided to give it a shot. But only on ‘Black Friday’.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next! If you are curious enough to know what the deal is about type in “I’m in!” or leave you comment below, so we’ll make sure very soon, you’ll get a message from us with all you need to know to take advantage of your best advice ever for 2014!


Are You Ready? (Type “I’m in” below)


how to know if email reached recipient

How To Know If Your Prospect Opened Your Email?

how to know if email reached recipient

A pretty obvious yet very important question I  hear all the time is: “How Do I Know If My Email Reached My Prospect?

This is a big issue for all of us, property owners and managers who often wonder whether our reply to an enquiry ever made it through the spam filters and into our prospect’s inbox.

I heard more or less the same question at the last HomeAway UK Owner Summit in London and none of the staff on stage seemed to be giving a satisfactory answer. Because there is none…or better, experts and non experts don’t really know how to bypass this problem.

We developed a pretty simple, yet really powerful workaround, which enabled us to check what happens to our emails 98% of the times and therefore allows all our next moves, which are the core of our winning formula for getting an enquiry to conversion rate of 60-70% when the industry average is roughly 10-15%!

Want to know what we do?

Option 1 – Adopt Our System

If you attended the last Owner Summit, heard us speaking about the importance of reviews and downloaded our presentation (you can download your free copy + audio recording here), you may remember how we use email communication in a simple, yet tricky way. No rocket science, just pure common sense and attention to every opportunity we have to spot our prospect’s action in order to play the next move in our killer conversion sequence.

There is a specific technique we use, which makes part of our “Fully Booked Formula” online video tutorials, where we go in depth and explain step by step what you can do with your own email account, and it works with virtually ANY email account! Simply, the folks at major companies such as the industry leaders we all know either have never thought about such simple workaround or think it isn’t worth mentioning for it would make many of the efforts they do to make you use their own internal communication platforms look foolish.

The so called ‘mediated’ communication system they rolled out - which is absolutely fine, no question about it – shows a few limitations while correctly claiming to be extremely safe with regards to the owner’s identity and personal details protection. You can do only as much as they allow you to do with your email messages and you have low control over what you can insert in your emails that can significantly increase your chances to convert an enquiry into a solid booking, while truly make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and create a staggering first impression. Besides, many property owners criticized how such system breaks in their own privacy and most owners are not that eager to let ‘big fishes’ know what they are doing, what they’re writing and which tricks they use to win sales…

We agree with such criticism, in fact we don’t use their system in favor of our own, home based, 100% privacy protected solution, which keeps us in total control of all our know-how and best kept secrets!

Option 2 – Start With Signals


If you are using Chrome to browse the internet (something we highly recommend), there is a free piece of super simple software called “Signals“, recently released by Hubspot, which may be just right for your initial endeavors. It’s essentially a plugin that integrates with your Chrome browser and tells you when your recipient opened up your email! This can be pretty useful:

A) Because it answers with reasonable reliability whether your mail ended up in your recipient’s spam folder or was not read for whatever reason (maybe your prospect simply deleted it right away).

B) Because you can trigger your next move, based on the marketing strategy or the communication technique you adopt with your prospective guests (e.g.: sending out an immediate follow up message to grab their attention while they are still ‘warm leads’ or send out what we call “anti-spam follow up message” to make sure your first email went through – and pretty often this simple trick recovers all the messages actually ended in the spam folder and gets our prospects attention, that is increases our chances we get our prospect back and win the sale)


If you ever wondered why you don’t get a reply after you sent out your offer, now you have a simple tool that can give you a first answer, although not 100% reliable and limited to just Chrome and ‘almost’ all email accounts (it doesn’t work on Mail for Mac or Outlook for Mac).

If you want to take your communication strategy to the next level and make sure you exploit every chance you have to turn your enquiries into solid bookings, you may want to join our “Fully booked Formula” video tutorials and discover a much better “secret strategy” at your fingertips which can give you a lot more details on what truly happened to your response once you sent it out, while protecting your freedom, your privacy and your control over all your best know-how.

Not only we all need to know if our prospects opened up our email; we also need to know what to do next to make sure we turn them into paying customers while they are still warm leads…and that’s the core of Module 1 of the “Fully Booked Formula”.

Which road would you take next? Let us know below.


20 Tips Under 20 Minutes – Double Your Results

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vacation rental tips

How To Make €30,000+ With Your Property In Just 7 Days


Tripadvisor Review: Here Comes Review Express!

Tripadvisor Review – What Is Review Express?

Tripadvisor Review Express may change the way you deal with your business…

Early in May, Tripadvisor rolled out a free marketing tool called ‘Review Express’: you can now send bulk emails to all of your past guests to ask for a review and therefore leverage the power of one of the most important factors influencing decisions for over 90% percent of holiday makers.

The idea behind Tripadvisor review tool seems pretty interesting and luring, given the fact that we can personally confirm how lots of (positive), genuine and recent reviews get you more enquiries and help you out converting them into actual bookings, once you follow the exact steps we perform (and we teach online) to “wow” our prospective guests and clear any doubt!

Tripadvisor Review Express – How Does It Work?

If you want to know what we ask our guests and how we master the art of collecting loads of 5 star, genuine raving reviews on multiple sites at once, either join us at the Onwer Summit in September, sign up for the video recording of our session, or simply take a shortcut and be the first to know when we’ll share our best practices and secrets again with the “Fully Booked Formula”.

About the Team:

Tripadvisor Review ExpressWe share some of our most valuable tips, tricks & ideas to help you make the most of your business strategies! Some tips will be mind blowing, some tricks may not apply to your specific case. We do our best to give you as many “A-Ha” moments as possible anyway and trust you’ll adapt them to your holiday home/vacation rental business. Connect with us by leaving your comments below, pose questions or suggest better ideas with just a click on the blue “feedback” tab on the right —————————————>>

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Do you use Tripadvisor Review Express at all?


Vacation Rental Marketing: How to Automate Social Media Marketing | Social Media Automation

No doubt, many social media managers are still on the brink about the effectiveness and ROI of spending time creating content and managing numerous social media accounts. If my previous blog post, Vacation Rental Marketing: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media, still didn’t convince you of the importance of being active on social media, I am pretty certain this blog post will. Why? Because it shows you just how little time you have to invest when creating social media content.

Marketing professionals love automation tools! It helps us avoid wasting precious time fussing over mindless repetitive tasks. As much as I love these tools, I love sharing these tools with vacation rental managers even more. This post will dive into a few awesome tools that you can use to save time, and will also outline a few pointers as to how often you should post on social media and what kind of content you should post:

Consistency: Automating the Frequency of Posting

In order to be effective in social media, you will need to post regularly and consistently. Just like real-life social networking has its unspoken rules, so does social media. You cannot post a big bunch of content for two weeks and then go silent for 4 weeks. Apply real-life rules to social media, just like you cannot act extremely social for the first half of a cocktail and stand in the corner not talking at all for the second half, you need to provide consistency. Know your limits and post regularly within those limits. You do not need to post 5 times a day, maybe 3 times a week is all you can handle, so set your goal to be posting just that.

Searching for content to post may not be feasible to do everyday. Maybe once a week you can set aside an hour or two to search for quality content that your readers would enjoy.

Once you have found the content you can use automation tools to schedule them to be posted frequently in the future. For Twitter, I highly suggest using Hootsuite, which allows you to schedule posts for the future. For Facebook, you can use Pages’ schedule feature to have your posts appear live in a future date.

In order to provide excellent customer service and to understand the needs of your target market, you can listen-in on users’ online discussions about vacations, vacation homes and hotels. Due to it’s open nature, Twitter is the best listening tool. You can set-up search parameters through Hootsuite or Social Bro. You should aim at listening to activities around Vacations, Holidays, Vacation Rentals, Holidays in your City as well as your own brand name.

Content:Automating Content Search

One of the most time consuming aspects of vacation rental marketing is finding quality content that your users would find interesting. Determine a content strategy; will you post content about your local area or are you going to focus on global travel articles, or both. Once you have determined the content types you would like to share, it’s time to find this content. Instead of searching for travel articles on search engines, you should use Online Reader tools, such as Feedly, that allow you to follow popular blogs, new websites and topics, which it will aggregate on a single page for you.

Reaching The Right Audience:

Automating Best Time to Post & Searching For Followers

The real-time nature of Twitter and Facebook news-feeds means that if you post when the user is not online, your posts might just get lost among other tweets and Facebook status updates. Instead of spending countless hours experimenting with the best time to post, you can use social media tools such as Social Bro. Social Bro connects to your Twitter account, analyses your users’ behaviour and tweets, and suggests the best time to post/schedule your tweets.

Best of all, Social Bro allows you to find targeted followers, who are very likely to follow you back. Search and track industry influencers as well as those who love to travel and would appreciate your tweets. I hope this post helps you to cut down the time it takes to be a social media superstar. As always, remember social media is not a direct sales channel, it is where you can build your brand and provide useful and shareable content.

If you use any other social media automation tool, please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below!

 About the Author:

Francesca_nurluFrancesca Nurlu is the Digital Marketing Manager for Kigo Vacation Rental Software. Kigo provides all-in-one vacation rental software and channel management solutions for vacation rental managers. If you are in the market for a reservation system or vacation rental website, be sure to visit Kigo’s website:

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SEO Basics for Holiday Home Owners

SEO Basics for Home Owners

SEO is a virtually unknown world for non techy people like most of us and even if we constantly hear how important SEO is in determining the success or the failure of your website we either get disheartened by the simple awareness that we don’t know how to master the art of SEO for we don’t understand a single thing about SEO or we start thinking that it’s going to be an everlasting, costly battle for survival for which we may need to hire a experts we can comfortably rely on.

Regardless of where you stand, here is a brief, very informative and clear introduction to understanding the basics of SEO, which we hope may help you get your hands dirty with such an important topic and hopefully get you started with your first “optimization” attempts.



SEO for Dummies

There are several SEO-Tools you can look into to get a first idea of what you can do. A simple free tool called Attracta can help you out starting your SEO Definition. It’s nothing too serious, but it does some work automatically for you and helps you fine tune a few parameters by sending you weekly update reminders. You may want to try it out here and tell us what you think in the comment area.

SEO basics: how Vacation Rental Owners cope with that?

Are you addressing SEO properly? Have you thought about optimizing your advert or your website for search engines and higher ranking? How well do you perform?

Let me pose the ultimate question: valuable SEO Tips are fundamental, if I were an absolute beginner, a newbie to SEO for holiday homes, what would you suggest I should do to enter the competition and hope to be winning? Where could I seek valuable and reliable help from trusted sources? Provided that I may not have the time, nor the willingness to dig into a science which may be “rocket-science” for me and I’d rather focus on other issues while running my holiday home business, where should I turn to?

Tell us what you have done and guide us along the right path…we all need to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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