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Antonio Bortolotti

Antonio Bortolotti

Founder, Vacation Rental Secrets

Globetrotting traveller and entrepreneur with a reputable experience in the travel industry and a proven record of success gained in tourism at different levels over the last 20 years, Antonio helps property owners and managers getting more bookings, streamlining their workflow and maximizing their rental income.

Speaker, coach and host of the Vacation Rental World Summit, Antonio shares his personal hands on experience developed as successful VR owner and complements it with that of the best minds in the industry.

He does that through the Vacation Rental World Online Telesummit, the Fully Booked Formula online courses, High Quality Bespoke Vacation Rental Websites, VR Business Audits, 1 to 1 consultancy, Webinars and in person events.

Passionate, hard working self taught Vacation Rental Owner, he set up multiple successful projects, including restoring and launching an extremely popular multiunit holiday home in Sardinia, which the “Observer” named “One of the best 20 Holiday Villas in the Mediterranean” and building an extremely profitable business that allowed him to manage his properties remotely while consulting other likeminded home owners on how to achieve the same results.

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Antonio! Thanks again for your wonderful VR summit and personal Skype session. A quick update: we closed the year with $30,000 in revenue! This may not seem much I know, but it’s quite a feat for a 30 year old, 2 bedroom condo one mile from the beach. In comparison, a brand new, half-million dollar condo in our area directly on the ocean is expected to bring in $45,000. Other condos in our range advertise “amazing rental income” at $17,000/year. Here’s to a great year for both of us!

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Antonio is one of the reasons the vacation rental industry is such a fun field to be in. Antonio is open with sharing the gems he’s worked hard to figure out. If you have a chance to learn from him- do it! You won’t be disappointed. He cares about your experience with him, whether you’re a guest staying in one of his fabulous villas or a fellow vacation rental owner.

When I was at HomeAway we wanted nothing more than for owners to be fully booked and for holidaymakers to enjoy the “wow factor” when staying in a holiday rental. Antonio is an excellent example of an owner who has achieved this and it is great that he is sharing his formula with other owners so that they can enjoy the same success.

Antonio brings a high level of integrity to the vacation rental industry. I have been following Antonio for over a year now and have recommended him to many colleagues in the business. Antonio has been a great resource for me when it comes to my vacation rental business and I highly recommend that any vacation rental owner participate in the Vacation Rental World Summit – thank you Antonio for coordinating such a valuable online conference of industry experts.

Antonio’s Top Skills Include

Creating Killer Brands That Sell & Inspire
Teaching Top Notch Marketing Techniques
Empowering Owners & Managers to Excel