A Photo Book of Your Home?


Have you ever thought about having a beautiful photo book of your own holiday home? One of those books you see on the shelves of every bookstore…

If you don’t know what we are talking about, maybe Taschen can come to the rescue!



A photo book of your home is an incredibly powerful marketing tool we developed a few years ago for our own properties. We thought of it as a way to build our brandreinforce a strong reputationgive evidence of the quality of our property, encourage visitors to dig deeper into our property rather than competition and make them dream about a home they may have gone on holiday to or “wow” them by sending a surprise gift to their home in preparation for their trip.

Results have been phenomenal and this solid marketing tactic proves to be incredibly powerful not only in the sense that it is very convincing and is often vital in influencing a prospective guests final decision to choose your home rather than a competitor’s, but it also becomes an irresistible mean of spreading the word about your home among your guests circle of friends and family, which in turn brings to a number of referrals coming to your home making your initial investment well worth it.


Not only that: if you think the investment you make is extremely reasonable and you can absorb it by simply rising your overall rates the amount you’d charge for an extra cleaning of the house (let’s say € 50 per weekly stay) so it won’t affect your rental rates, the cost of building a strong brand will be minimal and you will proudly show off the book on your site while acquiring more customers or reinforce the reputation you already gained from your hard work. Since it’s part of your guests’ stay, such a ‘surprise’ gift is one of the many secret marketing tips we teach in our Fully Booked Formula training program (see here) – once you’ve made your own book the way we teach, all you need to do is making sure you send them out a copy  each time they confirm a booking, or whenever you think it’s best to do that (e.g.: a few weeks prior to arrival).

How would you like a book of your property to look like?

Do you have one already?


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