(My) Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday... Not something I normally share with the world, but as I sat in my patio last night thinking about this special day to me and my wife Cristina, I thought of something for you to celebrate with me...
Is Your Site Truly Sticky?
Full Occupancy 2016

How Do You Know If Your Email Reached Your Prospect? Check This Out!

Have wondered why you sometimes don’t get any reply from travelers who sent you an inquiry? Why is that? Maybe they booked something else already. Maybe they changed their mind. Maybe they didn’t like your offer or the way you responded.

My New Year Resolution: Take ‘YOU’ To Full Occupancy

Now that for the 9th year in a row, I have plenty of time to focus on what I do best and what I love most, besides hosting guests from around the world in our rentals, I can share how I do what I do, so you can model and achieve better results.

Matt Landau & Vacation Rental World Summit

Download the prioritization matrix used by Matt Landau for determining your main action plan. A pretty useful matrix to keep at hand at all times.
Mastermind Group For Your Business

Your Mentors and Mastermind Group

What is a Mastermind Group? What if you could rely on a small group of likeminded, super committed peers to help you out? This is what this article explains

3 Technology Trends Driving The Future Of Vacation Rentals

Three areas will drive innovation and the industry in the near future of Vacation Rentals. Andrew McConnell shares them at VRWS2015.
Beach Beautiful House

How Good Is Your Lead Photo?

There is way more than just a good photo to encourage viewers to click on Your advert over the dozens they see on the same page of your listing site. Tyann Marcink shares her secrets to win over your competitors.

Beyond SEO: Optimizing Your Web Presence For Inbound Traffic In A Post-SEO World

How do I get on Page 1 of Google with my Vacation Rental without necessarily relying on advertising on Listin Sites? VR World Summit talk with Kirk Biglione

Mark Your Calendar! Summit Dates Are Out

Mark your calendar for November 6-8, 2015 from 9:00am to 4:00pm Eastern (NY Time) and if you can’t make it don’t worry, because you can always get unlimited access to all recordings, each speaker, the community and all the other goodies that make the Vacation Rental World Summit the best online learning experience in the VR industry.
What Should I Do?

What Would You Do If You Were Me?

Would you give your property to an inquiring guest for free? Last year we gave the Summit away to 15,472 property owners and managers that way. This year we're running an even better edition of what is considered by many the most important online learning experience of the year in the industry.

What if They Shut Down Your Business Overnight?

If you rely heavily or solely on listing sites to bring you business and bookings I would strongly recommend that you read this open letter to AirBNB written by a SuperHost who saw his business literally go bust overnight without any explanation.