Reviews and Testimonials 2.0 – Want to ‘Really’ Stand Out?

There is a simple tool that can provide you with genuine reviews and raving testimonials to skyrocket your reputation. And best of all, it's free!
Vince Perez Vacation Rental World Summit

Regaining Control (aka Listing Sites Independence)

What are you struggling most with when dealing with listing sites and OTAs? Learn how Vince Perez from FetchMyGuest found a great recipe for independency.
Session 1 - VRWS2015

Your #1 Asset (and the top 3 tools nobody is telling you about)

In your Quest for independence from OTAs and listing sites, your own website plays a fundamental role. Vacation Rental Website design and 3 great tools nobody is telling you about is what the first session of the Vacation Rental World Summit will focus on.
disrupt vacation rental industry

Disrupting an Industry that’s not going where its base wants


If you are the kind of person who likes to have control over your Vacation Rental Business, then you may want to follow us this year. We're putting together the second edition of the Vacation Rental World Summit! And we aim to making it even more impactful and successful than last year. We'll focus again on the 3 core pillars of the Summit:

Where is the VR Industry heading to?

I recently had the pleasure to interview Andrew McConnell from, who shared some pretty interesting data on the current state of the VR Industry for the upcoming Vacation Rental World Summit. You can view what Andrew shared at
mister x

Can You Guess Who ‘Mister X’ Is Going To Be?

We like surprises, especially good ones. We decided to leave the last speaker of the Vacation Rental World Summit uknown until the very end. Can you guess who he/she is?

Vacation Rental World Summit 2014

In 2014 we had this crazy idea of putting together the first ever online educational event in the Vacation Rental Industry. Probably not such a crazy idea, if 15,472 owners and managers from around the world gathered together to watch it.
ket learning

What Would You Like To Learn This Year?

2014 will be a pivotal year in the VR industry: a few big changes are expected to be introduced by major players, and they may affect the way we've been managing our Vacation Rentals so far. So we need to stay focused and updated on what's going on, what's working and what may not work anymore without you even knowing it...

Signals – How To Know If Your Prospect Opened Your Mail

On a previous article we mentioned the existence of a pretty cool new tool released by Hubspot called Signals: a free script you install in one click, which allows you to track all your email messages and find out when they reach your targets and what they do with your content.

Extend Your Booking Season

A questions we get asked more often at the events we speak to is the following: "How Can I Extend My Booking Season"? It is a pressing need of most property owners and we found a pretty interesting solution!

7 Quick Stats To Fine Tune Your Strategy in 2014

On our last post I told you I’ve been crazy busy researching the latest industry trends over 2013. I also told you I was going to let you know how to take advantage of “A Black Friday No Brainer”… Well, before I share the deal and since I am known to over deliver, I’ve got a little surprise for you that can pave the way to the best advice you are going to get from me on “Black Friday” for your 2014 booking season! Click on the 'Read more' link below to access the "State Of The Industry (Condensed)"...

Are You Ready For 2014 Booking Season?

As you well know, next year’s booking season is quickly approaching and there is no better time than now to grab a one time only exclusive deal we are willing to share with you to allow you to maximize your rental income even more in 2014! We’ve been crazy busy researching the latest industry trends, implementing new secrets strategies to address more and more vacationers online and increasing enquiry to booking conversion rate like never before. And we came up with substantial results after lots of testing...
Have you ever wondered any of these things?

How To Know If Your Prospect Opened Your Email?

"How Do I Know If My Email Reached My Prospect?" This is a big issue for all of us, property owners and managers who often wonder whether our reply to an enquiry ever made it through the spam filters and into our prospect's inbox. We developed a pretty simple, yet really powerful workaround, which enabled us to check what happens to our emails 98% of the times and therefore allows all our next moves, which are the core of our winning formula for getting an enquiry to conversion rate of 60-70% when the industry average is roughly 10-15%! Want to know what we do?

20 Tips Under 20 Minutes – Double Your Results

When Matt Landau dropped us an email a few weeks ago to share a promo of his latest ebook with us for our perusal, we couldn't but say "Awesome stuff!". Matt is another very dedicated, professional owner who turned his passion into a lifestyle and made a wonderful living out of it just like us. He is a deep connoisseur of the VR market a reputable guy who knows the dos and don'ts of the VR industry and shares lots of good advice, so when he talks, we listen! Click the 'Read more' link to grab your complimentary copy of 2 ebooks at once!

Evidence Of A Great Idea!

While we are getting ready to release the all new, updated version of Module 2 of the "Fully Booked Formula" online training program, we'd like to share the evidence of a great idea that made us € 30.000+ worth of bookings in just 7 days. Click on "Read more" below the image to access video, then leave a comment.

How To Make €30,000+ With Your Property In Just 7 Days

While we are getting ready to release the all new, updated version of Module 2 of the "Fully Booked Formula" Online Training Program, we thought you may enjoy a short, sneak preview of the secret tips we are going to share with those of you who really want to make a difference with their rental properties and increase their revenue significantly. We'll be reopening subscriptions to Module 2 soon and as always availability will be limited to just a few participants to ensure we keep these strategies secret enough to keep producing outstanding results for all those who put them in place. If you want to be first in line and make sure you won't miss out on a great business opportunity, simply join our waiting list by clicking the button below and access our first awesome secret! [av_image src='' attachment='2114' align='center' animation='bottom-to-top' link='manually,' target='no']
TripadvisorReviewExpress (1)

Tripadvisor Review: Here Comes Review Express!

Are you using Tripadvisor to promote your property? If not, then you should! Early in May, Tripadvisor rolled out a free marketing tool called 'Review Express': you can now send bulk emails to all of your past guests to ask for a review and therefore leverage the power of one of the most important factors influencing decisions for over 90% percent of holiday makers.

The idea seems pretty interesting and luring, given the fact that we can personally confirm how lots of (positive), genuine and recent reviews get you more enquiries and help you out converting them into actual bookings, once you follow the exact steps we perform (and we teach online) to "wow" our prospective guests and clear any doubt!


Vacation Rental Marketing: How to Automate Social Media Marketing

No doubt, many social media managers are still on the brink about the effectiveness and ROI of spending time creating content and managing numerous social media accounts. If my previous blog post, Vacation Rental Marketing: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media, still didn’t convince you of the importance of being active on social media, I am pretty certain this blog post will.

SEO Basics for Holiday Home Owners


SEO Basics for Home Owners

SEO is a virtually unknown world for non techy people like most of us and even if we constantly hear how important SEO is in determining the success or the failure of your website we either get disheartened by the simple awareness that we don't know how to master the art of SEO for we don't understand a single thing about SEO or we start thinking that it's going to be an everlasting, costly battle for survival for which we may need to hire an expert we can comfortably rely on.

Vacation Rental Marketing: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media

Here is a fun fact of the day for you: 144 Million emails are sent every day. That is a whole lot of email exchanges. So why is this an important statistic for marketing?

Social Media Seminar – London (Watch Recordings)

/ and Owners Direct would like to invite you to their next Holiday Home Owner Seminar evening on 4th July 2013. The event will be taking place at our head offices in London and will give you the chance to attend our educational seminars, meet the people behind and Owners Direct and network with other holiday home owners.