Learn The System That Grants Antonio and Successful Owners Worldwide Up To 100% Booking Conversions And Higher Revenue Year After Year.



Here’s What FBF Owners Say:

I have gone through the first module of FBF and I must say it has been the best and most helpful learning experience I have done since I have been involved in the tourist market. Your explanations and suggestions are very clear and the files that you can download also help to adjust your experience with the different needs of every single property. It’s amazing how my way of thinking (and consequently behaving) has changed in such a short time.

I have been through the entire Module 1 now and wish to express here my gratitude and a big thank you for what I consider, as a holiday homeowner, an enlightening experience. I say this because you are not only giving tips and ideas on how to better improve an owner’s property booking rate, but because I felt all along that you always thrive to give a lot of yourself. Genuine, sincere and insightful with advanced pedagogic methodology, you allowed me to go through the module at my own pace and to build various templates as I was progressing. Congratulations Antonio!

The ‘Fully Booked Formula’ was fundamental in providing us with a truly effective, quick and easy communication plan to respond to all our prospects in a timely, exceptional manner; the course is full of brilliant ideas that applied strategically made our guests enthusiastic! Rentals are going so well now that we are expanding our business to purchase a second property!

No better training could come at the right time! I just received the first ‘tough’ review today, and I can handle negativity and its content perfectly now! Thank you so much.

I have gone through the first module of FBF together with my boss and I must confirm that it has been the best and most helpful learning experience I have done since being involved in this market.
It’s amazing how our way of thinking (and consequently behaving) has changed in such a short time.



What is FBF about?

The Fully Booked Formula is a truly comprehensive training program that builds the success of your Rental business from the foundations to 5 star level. To achieve stellar success, the course is structured into 3 Modules:

Module 1

Increase Booking Conversions

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Module 2

Build An Ironclad Reputation

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Module 3

Make Your Website Stand Out

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Each module is made of videos, tutorials, documents, downloads, cheat sheets, blueprints and a whole lot of material that will complement your training needs and adjust to your pace, while allowing you to build your success step by step. There are hours of lessons inside FBF and we encourage you to learn them all, if you really want to disclose all the secret strategies that will take your VR Business to the next level, while your competitors keep wondering how the heck are you able to do what you do!

What’s The Investment To Get In?

Each module is reasonably priced at $197, taking into account the average property nightly rate so your investment will pay for itself countless times. You only need to generate a 1-2 night booking as a result of what you learned to pay it back! It’s priceless.

How Am I Covered?

We are so confident that you will value what you’ll learn in FBF as the single most important learning experience you’ve ever had with your holiday rental, that we give you a 30-Day-Money Back Guarantee on your membership, no question asked! Just send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you every penny.

Don’t Just Take Our Word! See What Owners Say:

I’m about half way through your Fully Booked Formula course that I purchased during the Vacation Rental World Summit. Enjoying every bit of it and learning a lot. Got some great tips overall, and was especially inspired by what you’re doing with your Bespoke Reply and follow-up strategies to increase your closing results.  I’m looking forward to modeling your strategies. I’m amazed at how much content you’ve included in the first Module alone. An incredible value for the price. Thanks!

I’ve been through Mod 1 of The Fully Booked Formula and LOVE IT! I’m in the process of shooting my welcome video and finishing up the sales letter. I’m so glad I signed up for it and am looking forward to the other modules as well. So many great tips! So much to learn and I’m so grateful you are sharing your wisdom with us!

Antonio helped me turn my vacation rental property – Casita Sitges – into a profitable business. He has shifted my vacation rental knowledge from amateur to professional level. I achieved that through the modules of the Fully Booked Formula training program he teaches and I attended online, through some individual consulting and through the design of the web for Casita Sitges (http://www.casitasitges.com)

Besides the subject matter of vacation rentals that he masters extremely well, Antonio has a very strong work ethic and he gets things done quickly sticking to the deadlines formerly agreed. I do recommend Antonio’s work or products if you want to stand out from the crowd and you want to stretch your profits further.

The Reviews module was my first exposure to you and I was really impressed by the quality of content and your excellent ability to teach.

Funnily enough, I HAD come up with a plan very similar to the one I saw on your video regarding soliciting reviews — but I didn’t have the confidence to do it over and over again with each guest and I eventually abandoned it. Seeing you speak on your system gave me the impetus to begin soliciting reviews once again. I can see the value … I went to one of your HomeAway listings and was very impressed. I want the same level of success and I thank you for teaching me this and, even more, giving me the confidence to do it.

I thank you for developing your program. You deserve all the success you receive. And you really will have to make it to Barbados one of these days!

Start With Module 1: How To Turn Up To 100% Lookers Into Bookers



In Module 1 You’ll Learn:

  • How To Increase Conversions Significantly

    A Super Simple, Yet Killer Formula That Is Responsible For An Enquiry To Booking Conversion Rate Of Up To 100% (When The Average Industry Rate Is Roughly 10% – How About Yours?)

  • The ‘Outstanding Email Sequence’

    A Complete 8-Template Outstanding Email Sequence That Covers The Entire Communication With Your Prospective Guests From The Moment They Send You The Initial Enquiry Until After They’ve Returned Back Home.

  • A Proven, Dead Easy System

    To Make Extra Revenue From Services You Are Going To Offer, Which Every Traveller HAS To Use In Order To Organize Their Trip (Such As Air Tickets And Car Rentals).

  • The Hidden Asset You May Have Missed

    How You Can Leverage The Potential Of All Those Missed Bookings You Won’t Convert And STILL Make Some Money Out Of Them In A Completely Ethical And Truly Professional Way.

  • How To “WOW” Your Prospects

    And Get Such High Conversions, While Beating Your Competitors Hands Down.

  • What Tools To Use

    To Make All This Come True (And I Am Going To Guide You Step By Step On How To Set Up The Same System My Students and I Use).



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