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First of all, I’m glad to announce that with the next update we’re sending to your inbox, we’ll be opening up Early Bird registration for the Summit.

I guess you’ve been wondering when could you register…

We’ve tweaked a few things to make sure we can give you the best online learning experience in the VR space this year, so make sure you don’t miss our next email and take advantage of the 50%Off Early Bird deal we’re going to offer for a limited time only.

A Very Special Reveal

They Made A DifferenceWith that being said, on this week’s update, I’d like to share something special with you all.

There is a common trait of all successful entrepreneurs, and I’m not referring just to the VR industry.

This trait is the willingness to question yourself all the time and understand that no matter how smart you can be, you cannot achieve your ultimate goals and truly excel all by yourself.

The Ones You Meet That Can Make A Difference

Think and Grow RichI’ve been blessed to meet some amazing people along my path and their unparalleled help has been responsible for a good part of my success, both in business and in life.

And it still is.

There is a secret sauce to all this, and this sauce is called “Masterminding”.

In “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill defined a mastermind as a group of two or more people coming together with the purpose of helping each other achieve their goals. He went on to say that when two or more people come together with such a purpose, they actually create a third mind…

and that is the mastermind.

The Mastermind Group


Without getting too metaphysical, the idea is that you get together with a group on a regular basis to discuss and brainstorm your respective businesses. Your businesses don’t have to be related in any way, in fact in the Mastermind groups I’m in, nobody is in the VR space.

It’s hard for me to express how powerful this can be. We are all a little too close to our business. It is easy to “miss the forest for the trees”. A mastermind group is your ‘reality check’. Your peers see things you don’t see. They come up with brilliant ideas that you will miss. They help build your business as you help build theirs. And there is an accountability element that makes ties even stronger, sweeter and rewarding.

You are NEVER alone!

Mastermind Peers

In my groups, most of my peers have reached some truly outstanding results and if you’re actively involved in Social Media or you read Business books bestsellers for example, you may have come across some of them overtime. In fact ,one of my Mastermind peers will be speaking at the Summit this year!

How Does A Mastermind Group Work?

There are several formats that can be adopted and they’re all interexchangeable. In fact, a combination of them is what makes the group exciting to participate in, fun and a strong learning experience.

1. Round Robin

Round Robin

You can split the meeting time up among members, Round Robin style. For instance, if your meeting is 90 minutes long and you have 5 members, you give each member 15 minutes. That equals 75 minutes, so it gives you 15 minutes extra to begin and end the meeting.

You start the call with each person very breifly mentioning what they want help with…that gets ideas percolating in the background. Then you also decide on a timekeeper.

Then the first person goes…explaining what they need help with. It might be a specific problem, or it might be a request for brainstorming. The timekeeper should alert everyone when there is a minute or two left in each person’s turn.

A nice thing to do at the end of the meeting is for each person to tell what their biggest “take away” was from the call. This should only take 15 seconds or so for each member.

2. Focused Brainstorm


Another format is the Focused brainstorm, where you come up with a question, topic or idea and everyone brainstorm on it. Brainstorming can be a very powerful technique and indeed many of the great ideas shaping the summit came from this.

3. The Hotseat


Another format is the Hotseat. In this format you put a laser focus on one person’s business. Everyone focuses on that business and helps dissect it.

How can it be more profitable?

How can it attract more prospects?

How can it convert more prospects?

How can it pull more profits from current customers?

Where are the hidden potential revenue streams?

Is the big-picture strategy or target?


These are just some of the powerful ways a Mastermind can truly help you out achieving your goals even further, while doing it in a very rewarding, encouraging and friendly way.

So my question to you is, have you ever heard of Mastermind groups?

Do you belong to any?

If so, how important such group is or has been in helping you be where you are today?

And if you’ve never been in one such group, how would the idea appeal to you?

Leave me a comment below. I would really like to know what you think and share some thoughts altogether.

And remember, on our next update, we’ll be opening up our awesome Early Bird Registration. And I’m planning good things for you.


Add The Summit To Your Calendar (& Watch It Online)

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