Vacation Rental World Summit Registration Now Open!

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Survey ResultsA few weeks ago I sent you a survey where I asked if you were willing to attend this year’s edition of the Vacation Rental World Summit and what topics you need most help with.

Response has been terrific and you gave us a lot of very useful data and an extremely positive feedback.

For this reason, I’m happy to announce that starting from today registrations are open for the very first in person edition of the Vacation Rental World Summit!

 3rd Edition – Now Also In Person

As you probably know, Vacation Rental World Summit is the most important online educational event in the Vacation Rental industry, gathering top performing industry experts and acknowledged professionals to share their combined knowledge with fellow peers worldwide.

Born in 2014 to answer the growing demand from our industry base for effective education on how to get more bookings, streamline workflows and maximize rental income, the Summit has grown way beyond its most daring expectations. And the reason is simple: you know how dynamic the VR industry is and you want to stay on top of your business to ensure your rentals keep thriving year after year. So we give you the tools and the solutions to accomplish your goals.

 Beyond The Most Daring Expectations


15,000+ attendees, professional managers and property owners from 49 countries attended the first two editions of the Vacation Rental World Summit.

On our 3rd year, we’re finally bringing the Summit to a physical place and rub shoulders all together in a beautiful venue for an entire weekend.

Vacation Rental World Summit will be held in Barcelona on October 29th-30th, 2016

openWe’ve got a fantastic team of speakers, industry professionals who’ll share what the big companies don’t tell you, what the real stats are, where the industry is going and how you can thrive in a time of rapid change and big challenges like the current ones.

lifebuoyIf you struggle keeping afloat because of the recent changes in our industry and you’re looking to regain control of your own business. If you feel overwhelmed by the increasing need to stay up to date yet you need guidance on where to look and what to do. If you want to find new ways to drive more traffic to your site, get more direct enquiries, convert them into solid bookings more than you’ve ever done, or if you’d like to meet us in person, ask us your #1 question, seek advice from fellow peers, want to learn what others do, and compare your strategy with likeminded rentalpreneurs from all over the world to mutually grow in a win-win environment.

Vacation Rental World Summit is the event for you.

The Catch

There is a catch though!

holdThere are only 100 seats available, because we want to make sure attendees really get the most of an in person event and if you know what I do, you know how committed I am.

For this reason, the Summit will be very different from any other industry event you’ve ever been to.

No Concurrent Sessions


First off, no sessions will be concurrent, because we believe you have the right to attend each one of them and not having to decide between one or the other.

Cutting Edge Presentations

Secondly, we’re going to have presentations, but we’re also going to lead a few hands-on practical workshops, where you’ll get to work on a specific topic and walk away with a tangible outcome to implement right away.

Invaluable Networking

We’re going to have networking moments where you can exchange ideas, opinions and tips with the speakers and with the entire room. Coffee breaks, lunches are all provided during the weekend and you’ll get to meet fellow peers from around the world as well as rub shoulders with each speaker and ask them your #1 question.

Your Hotseat

We’re also going to have a series of hot seat style help sessions, where I’m basically going to ask every single one of you attending what you need most help with, what you’d like to solve right now, then I’ll collect your answers in the coming weeks, prior to the event, and on October 29th and 30th I’ll call you on stage to share your # 1 struggle with the entire room and you’ll get 100 people plus all the speakers to brainstorm ideas and solutions just for you.

Then we’ll collect all the struggles, all the answers and we’ll also send them over to you in a nice Blueprint after the event, so you keep them on your desk as a golden reference for the coming years.

This alone is worth attending, and I know because I’ve been leading and participating in Hot Seat help sessions for over 7 years and Vacation Rental World Summit wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for hot seats sessions I went through with a few Mastermind groups I belong to.

But this is not it.

Meet Qualified Service Providers

providerWe’re also going to invite a few service providers, who’ll be there for you during our breaks, so they can meet your needs for information on cutting edge tools and solutions to streamline your business.

Enter A Unique Prize Draw

Each one of you coming to Barcelona will enter a fantastic prize draw, where we’ll give away:

1 – A free stay in a beautiful 5 star vacation rental.

2 – A free website revamp.

3 – A one on one consultation with a speaker of choice.

4 – A few other really cool prizes that our service providers will put on the table and that I will be announcing in the coming weeks.

So an incredible value for those of you who’ll take the leap…

Enjoy The Cherry On The Pie

Now before I get to the end, I want to add the cherry on the pie and give you one more reason to attend…

We believe that in order to fully understand our commitment to provide you with the absolute best educational experience ever in the VR industry, there is no better place for you to stay than…a Vacation Rental.

And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense after all! We’re in the Vacation Rental Business…

VRWS Rentals

That is why I talked to my friend Martin Picard of Vreasy and we teamed up with the best Owners and Property Managers in Barcelona to bring you an exclusive selection of carefully vetted properties to rent while you attend the Summit.

Unlike any hotel room you’d be booking if you were to attend another event.

And Unlike any other VR conference you’ve ever been to before.

100 Attendees Only

So get your tickets now, while they’re still available and then check the Vacation Rental World Summit website to choose your favorite rental property.

I’m going to unleash the venue real soon, but meanwhile I can tell you that it’s going to be in the center of Barcelona, so you can choose the right place to stay.


You deserve the very best and we care about your budget as well, So I’m getting the word out now, while we’re finalizing the last details, so you have enough time to get your tickets and organize your stay.

There’s an early bird price of €197 + a 20%off a second ticket for your spouse, companion or partner until July 31st, then price will go up.

So get your tickets now, feel free to ask your question or leave a comment below if you wish, share this with all your peers, in blogs, forums, on LinkedIn, on social media and let’s all rub shoulders together in Barcelona in 4 months.

Free Giveaway

I’m happy to share the presentation on Effective Web Design I gave at VRWS2015. If you haven’t watched it already, you’ll see how you can turn your site ‘sticky’ and get more direct bookings as well. Simply click below, to get the Video and the PDF in your mailbox.