Take YOU to FULL OCCUPANCY in 2016

Here’s How (The Untold Story)


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A few weeks ago I shared with you a simple, awesome 3 step email sequence I use at specific intervals everytime I get an inquiry.


The Outstanding Email Sequence - Template #1

The Outstanding Email Sequence – Template #1

It was a free gift I shared with you and part of the secret sauce that brought me over $13,000 worth of bookings in just a few days, converted 100% of the inquiries I got since New Year into solid bookings and is still producing quite an outcome, as inquiries keep coming in and they add to the $13,000 (now well over $20,000).


I did it because I wanted you to make the most of the most important moment of the year for the majority of us, that is peak season for inquiries.

I also did it because you’re maybe experiencing a decrease in the number of inquiries you’re getting lately, so now more than ever you need to convert those inquiries into solid bookings.

What’s Next

Now I would like to ask  if you’ve put any of the “Outstanding Email Sequence” into practice and if you’ve seen any results or differences from what you used to do before?

If you haven’t downloaded the 3 templates I use yet, you can do so by clicking the small blue bar you see on the bottom right of this page.

There Is One More Secret Though…

At the same time, I gave a small group of super motivated, progressive and excited owners the opportunity to take this 3 step sequence one step further and implement ‘one’ further piece of content called the ‘Bespoke Reply‘ that I tie up to message #1 in the sequence and that’s the secret weapon

responsible for turning up to 100% of the inquiries I get into solid bookings.

A Pretty Determined Group

These owners are working online behind closed doors as I speak and they’re getting their hands on the Fully Booked Formula, free for 30 days, so they get to build their own Bespoke Reply with my personal guidance and they get to test it with their own prospects, so they enjoy up to the same rewards I and my fellow past followers regularly experience.

Are You ‘Really’ Willing To Make A Difference?

If you’ve tried the 3 Step Email Sequence I shared with you over the last weeks and you’ve seen an increase in the engagement you got from your prospective guests…

If you’ve noticed how your replies don’t end in their spam folders and you now know they’ve been delivered for sure, because of the tools I told you to use…

If you are ‘really’ willing to make a difference and you are determined to turn more inquiries into solid bookings, then hit the button below and join me and other likeminded owners and managers from all over the world into a truly enlightening learning experience that will take your conversions to the sky.

What Is This All About

fbfWe’ll be building the ‘Bespoke Reply’ together, I’ll be guiding you by the hand step-by-step into easy tutorials you can follow at your own pace and I’ll hand out a tool that you can use forever, countless times to ‘wow’ your prospects and turn them into paying guests.

What’s best is, that I’ll grant you free access to all this for 30 days, so you can build everything and test it out, then  at the end of your 30 days you’ll invest the price of 1 night or less at your property or you decline my offer, let me know and get to keep all you’ve done for free forever. All you need to do is click the button below and write FREETRIAL in the Coupon Box of the registration to the course.

That’s a pretty big deal and a true no brainer, since I’m taking a big leap and I’m sharing even my biggest secret with anyone willing to learn it at my own risk. And if you’ve followed me for a while, you know the kind of person I am…

But I’m only going to allow 100 owners and managers worldwide to this option and quite a few are in already, so I don’t have 100 seats left.

When I reach 100 members I’ll most likely change the conditions, so if you’re willing to seize the opportunity click on the button below and join me inside the Fully Booked Formula now.

I’ll keep this post online for a few days, then I’ll remove the offer and this last part from the blog.

Now, tell me if you’ve tried the 3 step email sequence in the comment box below and join me in the Fully Booked Formula. Remember, it’s free for 30 days!