We Need A Change!

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If you are the kind of person who likes to have control over your Vacation Rental Business, then you may want to follow us this year.

We’re putting together the second edition of the Vacation Rental World Summit! And we aim to making it even more impactful and successful than last year.

We’ll focus again on the 3 core pillars of the Summit:

  1. Getting More Bookings
  2. Streamlining Your Workflow
  3. Maximizing Your Rental Income

And we’ll be showing new ways to achieve these three goals, and add to the ones we presented last year.

Since things in our industry are changing dramatically fast and we don’t like how they’re affecting our profitability, this year we’ll look at your business from a broader, long term perspective and in doing so we’ll focus on what is possibly the most important pillar of all…

Regaining Control Of Your Own Business

This is probably the biggest goal of the Vacation Rental World Summit.

Some call it “Listing Site Independence”, others call it simply and more broadly “Regaining control”…. whatever you want to call it, we’re in for something bigger than last year this time!

Learn More About VRWS

Let me tell you how it all begun…

In 2014, we hosted the Vacation Rental World Online Telesummit: a 3 day virtual training for Owners and Managers from around the world.

Every training session was given by a successful property owner, a property manager or a professional with a proven track record of success in the industry and addressed a specific need of the VR owner and manager’s community.

The aim was to teach owners how to get more bookings, streamline their workflow and maximize their rental income by sharing some of the most successful best practices, best kept secrets and innovative ideas developed by fellow peers, who happen to be ahead of the game and run extremely successful businesses.

15,000 owners and managers from around the world watched the event online and engaged with their fellow peers, to put in practice what they learned over the weekend. And chances are, you were among them, like Lisa.

Antonio! Thanks again for your wonderful VR summit and personal Skype session. A quick update: we closed the year with $30,000 in revenue! This may not seem much I know, but it’s quite a feat for a 30 year old, 2 bedroom condo one mile from the beach. In comparison, a brand new, half-million dollar condo in our area directly on the ocean is expected to bring in $45,000. Other condos in our range advertise “amazing rental income” at $17,000/year. Here’s to a great 2015 for both of us!

My Big Why

Casa Teulada

I’m a property owner just like you and when I started, I knew nothing about vacation rentals, I hadn’t even owned the property I lived in, in fact my wife Cristina and I bought our first property some 800 miles away on a dream island!

And we wanted to use it as a Vacation Rental, so it could pay for itself if not even generate some revenue in view of our future retirement or a big change in life.

So I started looking around and I was absorbing whatever piece of information, advice and idea I could get to fill up our vacancies as fast as possible. Of course, the first thing I did back then was the same everybody did: I advertised my home on a listing site, then on another and so on.

Then I built my own website and started marketing the property like crazy.

I also understood that in order to succeed, we had to:

Stand out from the crowd

Build a powerful brand around our property

Provide a 5 star unique service

which would build our reputation for success and would bring in more and more guests, in a virtual circle where everyobody wins.

Results came in quickly and what started as a vision of a dream house in paradise that could provide for our future freedom, became a solid reality that to our surprise changed our life pretty fast. To the point that Cristina and I felt we could take the leap and invest in a second property, that we bought ten months after purchasing the first one.

From Rubbles…

Casa Teulada Sardinia | From Rubbles...

…to Glory!

Casa Teulada Sardinia | to The House Of Dreams

By replicating the same exact steps we followed for our first property and improving on new ideas, we also replicated the same success. And this pushed us to invest in a third property and repeat the whole process one more time.

We may have done a thing or two right, if we were soon approached by a major listing site that wanted us to speak at their first European Owner Summit to share our secret formula for success and tell the audience what we made different that was so impacftul and unique.


From Excitement to Disillusionment

I still remember the excitement and the joy of being called on stage to share our story with 300 fellow peers and the high expectations my wife and I had from such a conference.

We thought we were going to learn new tactics for improving our business from so many other people like us, but it didn’t really go that way. And not because there were no other attendees like us….simply because the format of the event, didn’t really allow for a true, actionable education of useful tips, sound advice and solid information anyone could instantly use to make their business better.

So that was the first time I realized that something better could be done to address my needs and those of property owners and managers like me, willing to thrive with their business.

I kept on speaking at that same European Owner Summit for a few years, moved on to give seminars on key strategic aspects of successful VR management to fellow property owners and was lucky enough to find myself in a position where I could sneak into the back door of one of the biggest marketplace’s out there and see how this whole Industry was taking a direction that was not exactly the same we, owners and managers were expecting, were aiming to go for nor were willing to accept. I wasn’t for sure and I was determined to make a change.

I started talking to a few peers I knew in the industry, who were on the same wavelength, who had gone through the same frustrations and had found brilliant ways to succeed. And I asked them to jump on board with me. They all said “Yes!” on the spot and the Vacation Rental World Summit was born. A disruptive event for 3 simple, yet so obvious reasons:

1) It’s made by property owners and managers for fellow peers worldwide. People who’ve been in the trench for years and know how to thrive in a highly competitive and increasingly difficult market. It was not made by those who set the rules they want you to obey while taking the reins off your business.

2) It listens to you, the owner and the property manager and provides you with valid answers, actionable tools and proven strategies that help you get more bookings, streamline your workflow and maximize your rental income.

3) It was conceived as something that could reach you wherever you are, not something you have to go to at your own expense, so it’s an extremely cost effective solution for everyone involved, able to reach a truly global audience, as opposed to the small fraction that attends ‘in person’ events.

That was just the beginning…and 15,000 peers worldwide made us believe it was an encouraging start.

Time To Get Back In Control

So we are now ready to start preparing this year’s edition of the Vacation Rental World Summit!

What would you like to learn that could impact your property’s performance?

What do you struggle more with when dealing with your rentals?

Let us know below and please share this with your peers. The more replies we get, the better we can craft a Summit that’s just what you’re looking for.

Oh, and if you haven’t signed up yet to be notified about the topics, the speakers and the agenda, do so below, right now!

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