Your # 1 Asset

(And The Top 3 Tools Nobody Is Telling You About)

There is a bottom line making the Vacation Rental World Summit the most important online educational event of the year for progressive property owners and managers worldwide. And this bottom line is the determination to ensure your business keeps thriving year after year, despite all sorts of ‘conspiracies’ rowing against.

Kickstarting VRWS Agenda

As host of VRWS and successful property owner myself, it’s fair enough that I kick start the agenda of the event, by anticipating what my keynote session will be about.

My #1 Secret (Yet Not The Only One…)

Last year, I showed you the system I created that’s making me stand out from the crowd.

I’ve been using it for years to convert now up to 90% of the inquiries I get into solid bookings.

It is basically a Bespoke Reply I send out to each prospective guest minutes after they email me their requests, which follows a precise, proven structure I tested and refined over time and takes me seconds to prepare. Here is the recipe for higher conversions:

  • an appealing header
  • followed by a short, compelling video introduction of yourself, the owner personally greeting your prospect, showing the property and the area they'll choose for their holiday
  • then a personalized copy addressing your prospect's needs and expectations
  • a 3D floorplan of the property
  • 3 Video testimonials to reinforce trust and credibility
  • a "Book Now" button or Call to Action to entice them to reserve directly on your site and placed strategically three times within the reply
  • the instant notification you get when your prospect opens your message so you can follow up with further steps I explained during the session
  • Your front and center contact information and invitation to connect
  • 3 further videos of your properties (if you have more than one unit) and
  • 3 testimonials followed by the Call To Action to secure the booking.

This is an extremely quick wrap up of some of the tips I shared last year that inspired some of you to model on this system and increase their conversions significantly.

Your #1 Asset (and the top 3 tools nobody is telling you about)

Casa TeuladaMy training session this year will revolve around your #1 asset, the major tool you have to be fully in control of almost every aspect of your business: your own property’s website. And it will be based on my personal experience and that of some of the owners I’ve been working with that witness how harnessing the power of a near to perfect VR website can make all the difference in getting great results and regaining control.

Where Do You Fit?

Surprisingly enough, there is a pretty large number of you though who rely solely on a listing on their sites of choice, thus waiving control goodbye and missing out on the opportunity to get even more bookings while putting themselves at the mercy of whatever decision corporations make that eventually affects your business big time. Think about hiding your prospect’s contact information until after a booking is secured for example, forcing you to adopt a Book It Now option you don’t necessarily want to use, or having to wait for payments until after your guest checked in your place, let alone sending out post-stay requests for reviews without giving you any control over what your guests will publicly display and penalizing your listing if you don’t adhere to all sorts of rules.

Then there is another pretty big part of you, who do have a website yet don’t give it justice and do not exploit all the huge potential for lead generation, customer acquisition, brand development, reputation management and bookings collection, as well as direct payments to name just a few of the key aspects your business may have not fully considered.

VR Web Design Makes A Big Difference

In the first training session of the Vacation Rental World Summit this year, I’m going to focus on the core elements of a truly stunning and converting VR website.

I’ll explain the whys, the does and don’ts of web design for Vacation Rentals and I’m going to show you a pretty powerful way of conceiving, designing and building a stunning website that wows viewers, gets them passionate about your property, about the area around it and ultimately makes them want to make instant contact with you, if not even book your property right away.

toolsI’ll share with you 3 awesome tools that will improve your site’s design and performance by showing you where to act and what to change so you respond exactly to what your viewers are looking for and therefore increase the odds of receiving more inquiries and more bookings.


I think those of you who watched the Summit last year agree that the amount of invaluable information, actionable tips and proven tactics we all shared was well worth attending and gave those of you who applied them significant results.

We want to repeat the same success but in doing so we need your help this time.

If you remember, last year attendance was free and we offered the opportunity to purchase the recordings to watch at leisure and digest content over time.

And super owners like Amy, who just left an awesome comment on last week’s post highlighted and summed up perfectly the benefits of the choice she made:

Amy's Comment

This year, we’ll adopt a different format to ensure the Summit pays for all its costs and keeps delivering great content, so we’ll require a small commitment on your end, or let’s call it an entry fee, like the one you’d pay to attend any conference out there, yet we’ll grant you all the benefits you had last year, your satisfaction guarantee and more Bonuses I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. Just like Amy and many others did.
So if you haven’t signed up yet to learn about the speakers the topics and the agenda we’ll reveal weekly, do so below and please share this post with all your peers through FB, TW, G+ and your favorite Social Media channels.

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Leave me a comment below, tell me what your most important takeaway was last year and what would you like to learn this year. I’ll reply to every comment and I’ll see you next week with our next speaker.