SEO Basics for Holiday Home Owners

SEO Basics for Home Owners

SEO is a virtually unknown world for non techy people like most of us and even if we constantly hear how important SEO is in determining the success or the failure of your website we either get disheartened by the simple awareness that we don’t know how to master the art of SEO for we don’t understand a single thing about SEO or we start thinking that it’s going to be an everlasting, costly battle for survival for which we may need to hire a experts we can comfortably rely on.

Regardless of where you stand, here is a brief, very informative and clear introduction to understanding the basics of SEO, which we hope may help you get your hands dirty with such an important topic and hopefully get you started with your first “optimization” attempts.



SEO for Dummies

There are several SEO-Tools you can look into to get a first idea of what you can do. A simple free tool called Attracta can help you out starting your SEO Definition. It’s nothing too serious, but it does some work automatically for you and helps you fine tune a few parameters by sending you weekly update reminders. You may want to try it out here and tell us what you think in the comment area.

SEO basics: how Vacation Rental Owners cope with that?

Are you addressing SEO properly? Have you thought about optimizing your advert or your website for search engines and higher ranking? How well do you perform?

Let me pose the ultimate question: valuable SEO Tips are fundamental, if I were an absolute beginner, a newbie to SEO for holiday homes, what would you suggest I should do to enter the competition and hope to be winning? Where could I seek valuable and reliable help from trusted sources? Provided that I may not have the time, nor the willingness to dig into a science which may be “rocket-science” for me and I’d rather focus on other issues while running my holiday home business, where should I turn to?

Tell us what you have done and guide us along the right path…we all need to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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