7 Quick Stats To Fine Tune Your Strategy in 2014

On our last post I told you I’ve been crazy busy researching the latest industry trends over 2013.

I also told you I was going to let you know how to take advantage of “A Black Friday No Brainer”…

Well, before I share the deal and since I am known to over deliver, I’ve got a little surprise for you that can pave the way to the best advice you are going to get from me on “Black Friday” for your 2014 booking season!

I’d like to take you by the hand on a super quick journey revealing what the most pronounced trend for holiday makers currently is and sharing 7 quick stats to fine tune your strategy in 2014:


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To Your Success!




PS: It took me a while to put this data altogether and condense the best of the latest trends in the Vacation Rental industry all for you, so I bet you’ll bear with me and I am sure you’ll find it pretty useful for your own marketing campaigns:

State Of The Industry (Condensed)  (<—link to invaluable presentation)

PPS: Think about how you can use this data to craft your own future marketing campaigns and pair it with the “Black Friday No Brainer” I am going to share with you in just a couple of days to hit your jackpot and get your home fully booked next year!




Are you ready?