Are You Ready For 2014 Booking Season?

As you well know, next year’s booking season is quickly approaching and there is no better time than now to grab a one time only exclusive deal we are willing to share with you to allow you to maximize your rental income even more in 2014!

We’ve been crazy busy researching the latest industry trends, implementing new secrets strategies to address more and more vacationers online and increasing enquiry to booking conversion rate like never before. And we came up with substantial results after lots of testing (currently, our ‘enquiry to booking’ conversion rate stands at 60-70% as a result of all this work, when the industry average is roughly 10-15%). How about yours?

We have “A Black Friday No Brainer” waiting for you and you won’t stand a second chance to miss out on that, once it’s gone! For it will only last 1 day, as we can’t keep the doors to some of our best kept secrets opened too long. There is a strategy we are sharing on Friday that is responsible for a six figure income every year and although we didn’t really want to reveal our best practices before, we keep getting so many requests for help from fellow property owners every day, that we can’t keep up with demand.

So we decided to give it a shot. But only on ‘Black Friday’.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next! If you are curious enough to know what the deal is about type in “I’m in!” or leave you comment below, so we’ll make sure very soon, you’ll get a message from us with all you need to know to take advantage of your best advice ever for 2014!


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