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What Happens When You Give Your 101%

First of all thank you! Thank you for all the fantastic feedback you gave me on my last update.

It really means the world to me. You gave me a lot of great hints on how to present the Summit and I haven’t initially responded to any of your comments for three days, because I was all ears and didn’t want to influence any following comment you were making.

It’s not the norm for me, because I almost feel an obligation to get back to whoever writes me, it’s just the way I am…in fact you can read my late replies to each one of you here if you want, I couldn’t hold myself from giving back!

The Time Is About To Come

That said, I think it’s time you mark your calendar for the event, because we’re ready to release the dates of this year’s Vacation Rental World Summit.

In fact, if you go to the Summit’s site you’ll see how we’ve made some changes to reflect the current updates.

So mark your calendar for November 6-8, 2015 from 9:00am to 4:00pm Eastern (NY Time) and if you can’t make it don’t worry, because you can always get unlimited access to all recordings, each speaker, the community and all the other goodies I will unleash soon as I anticipated in my last video.

If you haven’t done it yet, click on the buttons below, to add the Summit dates to your calendar via iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar now.

That way, you won’t forget it.

Add The Summit To Your Calendar (& Watch It Online)

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Why November?

We decided to postpone the Summit to early November to allow for all October industry events to unfold: HomeAway, Vrma, RezFest and so on.

I think you may attend some of them and I want you to make the most of each, including the Summit. Plus, that give us some extra time to refine all presentations.

Introducing Sébastien Grosjean

That said, we’re honored to introduce our next speaker and the topic he’ll cover.

sebgrosjean    “Séb embodies the spirit of the vacation rental industry: young, aspiring, and strong to his beliefs. I have watched Séb and his company BookingSync evolve over the years and it’s this duality — of being flexible with the times WHILE building a sustainable solution — that makes them different from other companies.”

Matt Landau  Matt Landau –

I think some of you know Séb Grosjean already. A citizen of the world, he’s always in different locations, managing his global team and his company in a really cool way.

Take a peek at what Séb is going to share below and help us spread the word about the Summit with all your peers

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The goal of vacation rental management software is to help users save time and generate more bookings.

In this respect, technology has played a big role: vacation rental owners, managers, and agencies may choose from an ever growing array of digital products and services to improve their management experience. Accommodation marketplaces, reservation systems, website builders, dynamic rates engines, and online payments are just a few examples.

A further example, and one of the most significant advances in VR management, is the advent of synchronization functionality. In its idealist form, synchronization functionality allows managers to maintain one centralized calendar and keep bookings and listings updated across distribution channels.

In this talk, we will explore the issue of Vacation Rental Synchronization in fuller detail:

      • What is Calendar Syncing?
      • What is a Channel Manager?
      • How does synchronization work in theory?
      • And how does it work in reality?
      • What are limitations of the technologies?
      • How can synchronization systems be improved?

These questions and more are the nuts and bolts of what we will be diving into.


Streamlining Your Workflow

So if you ever wondered:

      • Which VR software to use to manage your bookings
      • How calendar syncing really works
      • What are the pitfalls, the myths and the truth behind what you’re being offered
      • and a lot more useful and actionable tips regarding better VR management

Séb’s session will give you an insight into the right approach you should have that will eventually lead to making the best decision for you and minimize the chances of headaches and regrets for having spent time and money into a solution that’s not deliverying on its promise.

And I warn you, though Séb is the CEO of BookingSync, he’s also known for giving true, genuine and unbiased advice rather than pitching his product, so you’ll be surprised at what he’s going to share.

It’s Your Turn Now (And Don’t Let The Chance Go)

Now, if you have a question that you’d like to ask him, or an issue you’re currently facing, write it in the comments below. This way, we’ll make sure not only Séb will give you great information but he will also address your #1 question and therefore give you even more value.

So go ahead and tell us:

Are you using any VR management software at all? if so, what do you use? And how happy are you?

If you are using a VR software or you are thinking about a way to streamline your workflow, what are the problems you have and how would you like to solve them?