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Optimizing Your Web Presence For Inbound Traffic In A Post-SEO World

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SEO! You name it and instantly feel frustrated and overwhelmed with one of the most controversial and misinterpreted concepts of being online successfully.

What is really SEO?

How does it work and does it really work today?

Asking the right questions will get you on the path to finding the right answers.

First and foremost, let’s remark something crucial that many VR owners do not seem to fully grasp:

Your website is the single most important asset you have to be fully in control of your business today.

4 Routes To Owning Your Website

There are several platforms allowing you to have a website of your own property quite fast:

  1. You can go the developer route and hire a professional to do the job for you.
  2. You can work together with industry specific platforms like Webchalet, MyVR or Lodgify.
  3. You can go the fully independent route, take everything in your hands and do the site yourself without having to be a developer, thanks to the tools available online these days.
  4. You can go Route 1, then have your developer teach you how to manage the site by yourself (my favorite).

Each route has his pros and cons that you need to evaluate to find what’s the best for you and there is a pretty informative article written by Tyann Marcink for those of you who want to investigate things further.


On the path to independence, I consider being fully in control of every single aspect of your own website without depending on a third party, a pretty fundamental step, and in doing so I’ve been embracing WordPress for several years as a self taught entrepreneur.

WordPress allows full control – something I like -, while not too much of a steep learning curve to understand how it works. I’ve actually trained fellow owners to manage their own website entirely by themselves so they can be as free as I am.

WordPress-in-handsWordPress is the most widely used platform in the world allowing anyone to mold their own website the way they want. Currently, more than 1 out of 5 websites in the world is on WordPress and the numbers keep growing.

But How About SEO?

Different types of SEO Clients

How do I make sure my site ranks well, so I get found?

How do I get traffic to my site?

After all, I understand how the most beautiful website in the world is useless if nobody finds out about it, right?

At the Summit we’re going to dig deeper into these key aspects of your quest for independence.

Introducing Kirk Biglione – VRWS2015 Speaker #5

Kirk Biglione

Kirk Biglione – Founder,

You may have not heard of Kirk before, since he’s not directly involved in the VR space.

Yet his knowledge of Websites, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization and all things technical are unrivalled and top-notch.

Kirk has spent the past decade helping entrepreneurs and business professionals to master the digital tools critical to their online success.

As a consultant at Oxford Media Works, he helps businesses optimize their websites to make more sales, generate more leads, and create a more friendly customer experience.

A skilled coach and trainer, Kirk is founder of, the premier WordPress training resource for business professionals.

His WordPress Quick Start course has helped over 10,000 individuals – including VR owners – to build their first WordPress website. And you can get your hands on it for free by clicking on Kirk’s bespoke page at VRWS2015.

⤹ ⤹ Ask Kirk Your #1 Question ⤵︎⤵︎

Now, in preparaton for Kirk’s session:

How Are You Currently Ranking Online?

What is the biggest problem you have with your website?

With regards to SEO and the ranking of your site, what is your biggest struggle?

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