Signals – How To Know If Your Prospect Opened Your Mail

How do you know if your recipient ever received your E-mail message? How do you know if they ever opened it up? And most importantly, how do you know what to do next and ‘when’ the right moment comes?

On a previous article we mentioned the existence of a pretty cool new tool released by Hubspot called ‘Signals‘: a free script you install in one click, which allows you to track all your email messages and find out when they reach your targets and what they do with your content. We introduced this tool since one of our core strategies for success, which is responsible for such a high conversion rate is that of building up a communication technique that ‘wows’ each enquiring guest from the very first moment they send us a request and sets us miles ahead of all our competition.

Signals: A Good Way To Keep Track Of Your Marketing Efforts

Signals allow you to keep track of your marketing efforts and if you have a killer template sequence, like the one we teach in our ‘Fully Booked Formula‘ you may catch your prospect minutes after they sent you their initial enquiry and use your follow up messages to build a great first impression while they are still hot and establish a rapport that will eventually lead to a solid booking.

When it was first rolled out by Hubspot, Signals had however a few limitations: it worked only on certain browsers or email providers and was confined to PC users only.

They have done a great job in just a short time and improved Signals significantly. So now it can be embedded into Mail for Mac as well, allowing Mac users to benefit from this really useful tracking tool.

But why should I use Signals?‘ you may think…

3 reasons why Signals is good for your Vacation Rental Business

1) How do you know if your email reached your target or ended up in their spam folder?

While you can’t really know whether your email ended up in your prospect’s junk folder unless you use the invaluable tip we share in our ‘Fully Booked Formula‘ (see Module 1 of our online course and join our standby list for the next opening here), Signals gives you however a notification when your message is opened by your recipient. And that’s already a pretty good accomplishment. Why? Because you should know your next move…

2) Monitoring links within your messages.

If you adopt the winning strategy we teach in FBF that gets our properties fully booked year after year, you will surely stuff at least one link in your reply, once you get an enquiry, in order to capture your prospect’s attention, stir his or her imagination and convince them to choose you over your competitors. Hubspot’s Signals notifies you also whenever your prospective guest clicks on your link and opens the page you want them to read, so you know what they are currently doing and you can work on the next move that will get them closer to the sale!

But you must have a clear strategy set ahead of time and therefore know how to guide your reader to become your next paying guest…

3) Show your proactivity and meet their needs and expectations.

If you know how vital time is in closing a deal when you get an enquiry, then responding to your next customer in a timely manner will set you apart from competition and will definitely gain their likes while ‘commanding’ the booking. Often your prospect will be quite surprised to see how fast you are at answering their queries if not going the extra mile and providing them with information they haven’t asked yet, while they are still in their mind. Signals allows you to play the game ahead of time and conquer your next guests at light speed.

Are you using Signals already or do you have another way to keep track of your prospects’ behavior?

Let us know below.