Vacation Rental World Summit 2014

It’s official. The most important event in the Vacation Rental Industry this year is ready to be announced.

In a previous article we published in January we ran a survey asking what you’d like to learn to get more bookings, streamline your workflow and maximize your rental income.

We’ve also conducted separate researches on other platforms to put together all the data that we collected. The results were very interesting. We decided that the time has come for a groundbraking event that will truly revolutionize the way Owners and Managers find the best sources to learn how to get more bookings, streamline their workflow and maximize their rental income. And for a number of reasons…

The Vacation Rental World (Tele) Summit

That’s right. The first unfair advantage of this event is that it will be broadcasted online. Everyone from around the world will be able to attend the conference and listen to the 12 great speakers who’ll take their turn and train on a specific topic of choice related to successful VR management.


What Is The Vacation Rental World Summit About?

The Vacation Rental World Summit is a 3-day online conference gathering together 12 of the top industry experts, property owners and successful professionals who will be sharing some of their best practices with the entire community of fellow vacation rental owners and managers worldwide.

The aim is to provide fellow vacation rental owners and managers with bright ideas, great strategies and actionable tools to allow them to get more bookings, streamline their workflow and maximize their rental income.

We realized from feedback collected over the years that the very few major conferences organized by some of the industry leading players on a yearly basis are able to provide attendees with truly invaluable training and information that will really help owners take their VR business to the next level.  Such a lack pushed us – as successful owners and entrepreneurs ourselves – to meet the need for learning what really works and makes a Vacation Rental Business truly successful. So we decided to put together an ‘ad hoc‘ event.

We also thought that the only way we could give real value to a vast community of likeminded ‘rentalpreneurs‘ was to make the event available to the widest audience possible, therefore the natural content delivery was via the World Wide Web! So it allows everyone to save on travel expenses, while comfortably learning from home and interact with their fellow community online. How does that sound?

What Are The Benefits Of The Vacation Rental World Summit?

Here are just a few of the unparalleled benefits you gain from registering for the most important event of the year:

  1. Registration and Attendance are FREE!
  2. You can watch each session from the comfort of your home or from anywhere you want.
  3. You’ll be exposed to some of the best minds in the industry and learn directly from them in a very compelling and engaging way.
  4. You can interact with each speaker during AND after their training session.
  5. You can ask your #1 question and join likeminded ‘rentalpreneurs‘ to grow even more.
  6. You can engage with the community on a specifically dedicated forum and share our combined knowledge.
  7. You can decide to extend your membership well after the Summit for a nominal fee.

What’s In It For Me?

Imagine what it would be like to have not 1 but 12 Masters willing to help you solve your #1 problem!

Imagine you find new ways to get more enquiries than you normally do and have them coming from all streams possible, including your own website, if you have it (it’s a bit about inspiration).

Imagine you discover the #1 secret to increase your enquiry to conversion rate significantly and turn prospects into paying guests way better than you normally do (so as an extra benefit you do not necessarily need to get more and more enquiries to maintain the same occupancy level you normally have or even increase them overall).

Maybe you don’t have a website of your own property, and you understand how you are missing out on a lot of bookings because of that but you don’t know where to start or what to do, you don’t want to spend a fortune on hiring whatever developer your are referred to and you do not have the time or the skills to develop this fundamental aspect of your business by yourself.

Or you do have a website but don’t monetize on it as you wish, do not receive the enquiries you would expect, and you would like your site to look way better than it currently does and grant you a growing level of independency from all major listing sites.

If you understand that you cannot rely solely on receiving enquiries from listing sites which squeeze your wallet more and more year after year while not granting you’ll get even the same amount of business you used to get a few years ago.

If you want to know how to extend your booking season, to include mid and even off season weeks and find ways to cash in on those weeks you would not sell otherwise.

If you want to know how to turn your prospects into paying guests and your happy guests into raving fans and ambassadors of your property back home.

If you want to find out how the heck some properties are able to get featured in the press and you can claim your spot out there too, since you understand how getting media coverage is an incredible source of enquiries, long tail business and massive exposure building authority, reputation and credibility (something you should definitely develop in your business).

You may think:”What if my property isn’t that stunning and I don’t know how to revamp it, nor do I have the budget and the time and the right connections to do all that?” Well, we’ve got you covered there too, with two phenomenal speakers who’ll show you just that.

If you want to present your property online in such a way that viewers click on your listing rather than that of your competitors.

If you want to learn or refine the art of collecting lots of 5 star genuine reviews that will make your listing shine through all your competitors, while increasing its ranking in the search results and convince more prospects to book your home rather than that of your competitors.

If you want to know how to automate processes, manage multiple calendars on several sites with just one click, update your listings using just one platform and have a one stop place where all your information are nicely organized and immediately at hand.

If you have always looked at Social Media with suspicion, heard everywhere how Social Media is ‘the way to go’ yet you never really got to have it work for you! Or you spent lots of time trying to put up your FB business page or Twitter account, only to feel extremely frustrated while never getting a single enquiry in return. We’ll show you why and what is the right approach you need to have with Social Media!

If you want to know which areas or promotional channels should you invest your time and money in.

If you never fully understood what Email marketing is, how it can be successfully applied to running a VR business nearly on autopilot or with very little time and effort and why you should use it to get more enquiries for your property

And you want to do some or all of this without having to take a loan from the bank!

Then you’d better register for the Vacation Rental World Summit right now!

What Is The Price To Attend Online?

The event is free to register and free to attend during the 3 days it’s broadcasted online. If you decide it’s worth your time and effort and you would like to watch it at your own convenience in the following days and weeks, you’ll be offered the opportunity to keep interacting with all 12 speakers under one roof, ask them all your questions and join the community of fellow property owners and managers for a one time nominal fee. And it will be totally risk free!

How Do I Register For The Event?

You can click here or if you like visuals you can click the button below:


We truly look forward to connecting with you at the Vacation Rental World Summit.

To Your Success!