Regain Control of Your VR Business

Aka Listing Sites Independence

If you watched the first Video update I released two weeks ago about the Vacation Rental World Summit, you know I mentioned the 3 core pillars of the event:

  1. Getting more Bookings
  2. Streamlining Your Workflow
  3. Maximizing Your Rental Income

You also know that we’re introducing a 4th pillar this year, which most of you resonate with, and that is Regaining Control of Your  Own VR Business.

This may seem like the most important part of the Summit for some.

Regaining Control – The Good News

The good news is that all 3 pillars concur to Regaining Control of Your Own Business, if done correctly.

There is no magic button to make this happen overnight, though, so beware. It’s a process that takes time and requires commitment on your end, but we’ve all gone through that before and we can tell you that you can make it happen.

Regaining Control – The Bad News…(& The Solution)

Managing a VR business successfully is not for everyone, because it takes time, effort, passion and the determination to overcome issues that arise constantly.

Where do you stand: among the winners or among the laggards?

If you belong to the winners like I think, then I’m super happy to introduce Vince Perez from FetchMyGuest to you. Vince is what I would call an authority in Regaining Control of your own business.

I came across his work over time and was quite fascinated by his accomplishments and by the approach to the business that he has. I asked him to show me privately what he’s doing that’s so disruptive, what his secret formula is and if he’d wanted to share how he’s regained control of his own VR business and how he’s now helping others doing the same while building an increasingly powerful network of independent Property Owners and Managers who are altogether adding to the cause.

9 Points Leading to Independence

Vince gladly opened the doors to his secrets to me and he’s now happy to share his tools with all of you during his session. In particular, he’ll share:

  1. How he reduced dependency on OTAs from 95% to 23%

  2. How he's now using OTAs as a 'Groupon'

  3. What happens when you adopt the wrong approach to your business (and how we've almost all done just that)

  4. The mindset shift that will make all the difference in regaining control

  5. A tangible way to take back control, drive more bookings to your own website, reducing marketing costs, and building a communication platform that revolves around creating your own network

  6. How to bypass the 'guest communication cut off' problem and protect your brand at the same time

  7. Yield management at its finest

  8. What you really want at the end of the day

  9. How a business case study proves all of the above


So If you’re willing to commit, we’re all in this together and the major goal of the Summit this year is to show you some of the best solutions to get you on the right track fast, save you lots of time in your learning curve of trial and error and get you to your promised land much sooner than if you had to find out everything yourself.

2 Questions For You

What is currently holding you back from regaining control?

What is that you are struggling most with when dealing with listing sites and OTAs?

Share a comment below and we’ll do our best to lift your biggest frustration up, so you can finally get there in a timely and safe manner.