3 Technology Trends Driving The Future Of Vacation Rentals

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What A “Travel Innovation StartUp” Winner Knows That We Don’t

TIS Winner Startup - VacationFutures-2I had the pleasure to cross paths with Andrew McConnell last year, as he gave a pretty insightful presentation on Industry Trends in preparation for the first edition of VRWS [Vacation Rental World Summit – you may view it again here, in case you missed it].

As winner of  Phocuswright’s Travel Innovation Summit, we have the pleasure to have Andrew share three new trends that may well help you navigate safely through troubled waters in the near future.

Are Your Ready For Innovation?

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While I recommend that you watch the short video above, I herein transcribe the text of my quick talk with Andrew:

Q: Can you give us an anticipation of what your session for VRWS2015 will be, Andrew?

A: Last year we really focused on the growth of the industry, and that continues to pay. From $40 Billion back in 1999 to projected more than $285 Billion by 2025.

This time around we’re going to look at something different and potentially more impactful for participants in the Summit, namely the technology trends driving the VR industry forward.

Travel Innovation Start Up

Andrew at the Travel Innovation Summit

To date there have been two big areas of technology and innovation that received the most attention: Property Management Softwares or PMS systems, such as Escapia or LiveRez, and even more notably Distribution. Distribution sites like HomeAway, Airbnb, Flipkey, Vrbo have garnered all the real attention.

Looking forward, there are three other areas we think will drive innovation and the industry even more quickly and in a more exciting way.

The 3 Areas Where Innovation Will Play A Big Role

A: The 3 Areas where innovation will play a big role are:

New Acquisition Models and Platforms

There are new acquisition models and platforms arising. We’ll see which they are and what benefits they bring to users.

Global Distribution Systems or GDS

While the individual distribution sites have been the important innovators to date, with the plethora of them out there, getting your property in front of the right people at the right times, on the right channel is ever more important. And these are the players of the future that are going to help you do that.


Having the right pricing at the right time and being able to update that on a real time basis is ever more important. There are companies cropping up new tools from existing companies that are trying to help owners and managers do this in a better way

We’re going to look into all of that at the Summit and dive into what are the options, what’s right for you in terms of growing your business.

Q: Because of the changing nature of the topic you’re going to share with us in November, we can’t really give more information now, can we?

A: Instead of giving an update of what’s going on, we really want to be tactical and have ‘action items’ and recommendations coming out of the session, so the more current we can make this session, the more impactful and better it will be for viewers.

Q: So I guess we’ll have to wait until November, which is just a few weeks away, but the wait will be pretty much worth it, right?

A: Absolutely!

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