How Good Is Your Lead Photo? (Could Be Better..)

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On this week’s Vacation Rental World Summit update I’m pleased to introduce the first female speaker of this edition.

Tyann Marcink is a friend of the Summit from the very first day.

Last year she gave a fantastic lesson on 6 steps to fabulous property photos. Let me share with you a super quick wrap up of just a tiny fraction of what she covered:

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The Biggest Takeaway From Last Year?

The great thing about Tyann’s session last year was that she taught us how to take beautiful property photos like a pro…without being a pro, so even though pros are pros for a reason, she showed us budget friendly ways to face the issue with a grin, some fun and pretty awesome results too.

What’s In Store This Year?

Tyann will cover the Lead Photo that we all choose on our listing sites adverts.

It may seem like a little topic, if not even a not so prominent one.

Yet there is way more than just a good photo in the reasoning that takes us to think, design and shoot ‘the‘ perfect shot that makes viewers click on your advert over the dozens they see on the same page.


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[sociallocker id=5069]Tyann will cover:

  • Deciphering what makes travelers fall in love with your property
  • Determining who your ideal guest is
  • Capturing the attention of those guests
  • Setting up the shot
  • Composing the image


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The Ultimate Guide To Vacation Rental Photography


Tyann’s latest super cool ebook

So make sure you mark your calendar for the Summit and if you want to get to know more of Tyann’s work, she just released “The Ultimate Guide to vacation Rental Photography”, her latest ebook, with a foreword by Tom Hale, COO of HomeAway.

The ebook is half off for this week and she’s having a ruffle where she’s giving away her favorite tripod and a 60 minute Skype session with her to celebrate.

Tom Hale

“You are very lucky to have a chance to read this book. You will learn from someone who combines deep knowledge of the vacation rental industry with deep knowledge of photography and who has a great marketing instinct.”

– Tom Hale, COO at

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And tell us what your biggest takeaway from last year’s session was, or what would you like to ask Tyann.